Care IQ pitches to UAE minister

On February 27, His Excellency the minister of Economic Affairs Al Mansoori of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) participated in an FME seminar, to learn about Dutch companies innovating for future Smart Cities. During the seminar Minister Al Mansoori and his Dutch counterpart, Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for far-reaching collaboration on innovation, among others in Life Sciences & Health.

During the seminar, Joris van den Hurk presented Care IQ’s knowledge and experience in the field of care pathway optimization and integrated capacity management, and how these concepts are applied to innovation projects in the Middle East. He says: “Together with our local partner Integrated Health Solutions in Dubai, we can improve the effectiveness of investments in health care across the Middle East”. For example, by applying capacity planning during the successive phases of planning, designing, building, and commissioning healthcare facilities, optimum use of available financial and human resources can be safeguarded. Joris concludes: “we look forward to continue supporting healthcare investment projects with our partners and customers in the UAE.”