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Interview Care IQ Partner David Lees  door Frits van Otterdijk

No, he’s not “a smart Alec in a suit” he jokes and he is definitely not the type of consultant who arrives with a clipboard and seeks out the low-hanging fruit. David Lees, with a wealth of clinical, operational and management experience in the health sector, recognises the need for external support to be relevant, inclusive and evidenced led. In his younger days he trained as a mental health nurse, and further developed as a public health practitioner and manager in various health specialties. He worked for the UK Department of Health and progressed through a number of senior consultancy positions, including as a Director of Oakleigh Consulting in North West England.Over the years he has acquired significant international experience of health economies across the world, including The Balkans and more exotic locations such as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean…"the best contract ever," he smiles. Delivering work on behalf of, and in collaboration with, the EU, WHO and PAHO, has strengthened his knowledge and skills base to enable a resource with comprehensive understanding of differing health systems and the demand of diverse populations.Diversity of expertise
During the high profile EU funded Innovate Dementia project, in which also Philips Healthcare participates, David developed relationships with his current Care IQ partners. In particular, the diversity of expertise of the Care IQ team excites him, "we speak the language of the care providers, we understand the challenges, and we recognize what is really going on in their care pathways".

Private and public sectors
For David, it is an added bonus that he has developed experience both in the private and public sectors: "you work with care teams that know where the bottlenecks are and how the inefficiencies are caused. They just do not have time and space to do something about it. Within consultancy we are in a privileged position. I know it sounds cliché, but we have a 'helicopter view', we bring the experience and learning of other health stakeholders, and this enables us to find solutions in partnership with the clinicians and managers". The concept of collaboration is particularly important: "it's one of the things I find so fascinating about consultancy. Tapping the talents of clinical teams and management teams brings enhanced satisfaction and sustainable impact. Give them space and a platform to develop and support them with real world knowhow, so they can make the first steps towards cultural change themselves".

Transforming clinical care pathways
David’s contribution within Care IQ focuses on redesigning clinical services and transforming clinical care pathways: "many people think that cost savings and efficiency improvement only really came into play since the economic recession, but there has pressure on healthcare budgets as long as I'm been involved in health services. There is a continuous quest to achieve better results at lower cost, whilst retaining an improving quality of care. The accumulated experience that Care IQ brings makes finding new roads easier, enabling us to work in close collaboration with our customers to achieve better and sustainable outcomes…they typically have the solutions nearby. "