Growing interest in “Better In, Better Out” (BiBo™)

Care IQ has been involved for some time now in initiatives for broad deployment of “Better In, Better Out” (BiBo). When vulnerable patients need to undergo surgery and their physical condition is insufficient, there is a considerably greater likelihood of complications and loss of function after the procedure. BiBo care pathways enhance the patient’s physical condition prior to surgery, for example by intensive training at home, tailored to the patient’s needs by a primary care physiotherapist. Together with early activation after the intervention, this speeds up physical recovery and a return to adequate performance of activities of daily living.

Several hospitals in the Netherlands have good experiences with such perioperative care programs, including Nij Smellinghe (Drachten) and the Gelderse Vallei Hospital (Ede). At the end of October, MUMC + and Maastricht University organized a meeting to share the transmural design and the significance of BiBo with regional physiotherapists. No less than 57 of them supported the approach with their signatures.

Commissioned by the KNGF (Royal Dutch Society of Physiotherapy), Care IQ studies the feasibility of a so-called Health Deal for demand-driven, perioperative care. A Health Deal is a covenant, in which the government facilitates discussions that remove obstacles to scaling up health care innovations. Care IQ Founding Partner Joris van den Hurk says: “With the help of KNGF and a number of forerunners, we hope to be able to initiate a national Health Deal, which will accelerate the adoption of the innovative BiBo concept.”