How to realize a strategy

Making a strategy, how to cope with issues and use  challenges is an important part of managing care. With pragmatic solutions, which are founded in operational reality Care IQ has the knowledge and experience to support MT's to realize all those beautiful strategic plans.

Serving care providers, insurers and medtech industry

Care IQ works with secondary and tertiary care providers, healthcare insurers and medical technology companies in Europe and selected international markets. The expertise of our seasoned professionals benefits small, medium and large size enterprises in search of independent strategic advice, implementation support and change acceleration.

We help you to realize your strategies

At Care IQ we help you address your challenges based on our deep understanding of patient and care provider perspectives, as well as the viewpoints of stakeholders across the continuum of care. We help you realize your strategies with pragmatic solutions, which are founded in operational reality. We are offering you innovative concepts for smart care and pride ourselves in having a comprehensive view on the current issues in healthcare.

Care IQ's approach

Care IQ experts combine their experience and clinical knowhow with solutions comprising state-of-the-art process, medical and information technology. Above all, we consistently seek out and apply patient and staff insights, to help you:

  • Realise strategic objectives and pursue business growth, for instance through mergers and acquisitions
  • Shape people-centric healthcare facilities from architecture design to infrastructure, technology and resource planning
  • Enhance integrated care pathways: structure ways of working, improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, exploit technical innovations, reduce costs
  • Improve competitiveness: boost patient referrals and enhance staff commitment
  • Optimise healthcare economics, including investment planning, operational and financial returns, and integral alignment of activities and processes
  • Eliminate waste by addressing its causes at production, capacity, and employee level
Our assignments